You Need To Read This! One Epic Tip To Repel Flies Naturally!

how to repel flies naturally

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This has to be one of the best ideas we’ve ever heard of.

Flies are not the most pleasant creatures on this earth. They zip around your home, ruin picnics and barbecues and generally try to be as annoying as possible! Getting rid of them is the number on priority, but we don’t want to destroy our skin, or indeed the fly population in the process.

Many people turn to toxic sprays or try to zap flies with a zapper, but the best way to keep flies out of your home and garden is to grow certain herbs such as lavender. Flies hate the scent of some herbs and won’t go anywhere near them, so if you grow the following 5 herbs in your home or garden, flies will stay away!

We’ve put a large lavender plant by the back door and this method actually works! Check out the full article below.

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